DJODIVIN Art Couture is a new fashion brand, inspired by the Mediterranean. Its' brand symbol is a new creation of a thousands of years old Italian talisman, the “Corno Napoletano” (lucky bullhorn), that even ancient Romans wore, feeling protected and blessed with all good.

 I dedicate my artistry to the amazing places and joyful people of my regions, the Coasts of Amalfi (Italy) and Zadar (Croatia), full of vitality, spontanity and myths, where people dance to the melody of life and believe in the magic of good. The rest of the world deserves to experience this as well, especially now.“ Sabina Scelza, founder of DJODIVIN.

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DJODIVIN Launch Event Movie

Official Runway Movie: Defile mixte de Createurs by Frankfurt Fashion Lounge Januar 2023

DJODIVIN Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Now available in our WEBSHOP and via preorder, soon in selected stores in Frankfurt, Milano and Dubai.

Currently listed at:

  • Designer Boutique UNIVERSO, Töngesgasse 48, 60311 Frankfurt/ Germany
  • Art Gallery BILDER KÖNIG, Adelungstr. 8, 64283 Darmstadt/ Germany