DJODIVON ART COUTURE is a creative love story of how the artist Sabina Scelza De Marino transfers her painted artworks into unique fashion design. Inspired by the beauty and myths of her heritage - the Amalfi Coast. Its brand symbol is a new created version of a thousands of years old Italian talisman, the “Corno Napoletano” (good luck horn), that even the ancient Romans wore – feeling protected and blessed with all good.

„I dedicate my artistry to the amazing places and seaside, where people dance to the melody of life and believe in the magic of good.” says Sabina.

Founded in 2022 and launched in 2023.

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DJODIVIN Launch Event Movie

Official Runway Movie: Defile mixte de Createurs by Frankfurt Fashion Lounge 2023

DJODIVIN Runway Movie at Skyline Plaza

Spring 2024 Collection