“Ci vorebbe il mare, su questo cemento, ci vorebbe il sole col suo oro e col suo argento…”

“We would need the ocean, on this cement, we would need the sun with it’s gold and with it’s silver…”
Song by Marco Masini, 1990, title: Ci vorebbe il mare.

Welcome to DJODIVIN, my new art-infused couture & lifestyle brand, launching in 2022/23.

Have you ever felt the deep desire for the sea, when life is separating you from it’s essence, colors, motion and scents? While “walking on cement”, somewhere in the grey shades of urban stress.

By experiencing DJODIVIN’s spirit of the Mediterranian in it’s art, collections and design – dedicated to the ocean – you will discover soon that “feeling the ocean” is not a question of where you are, but what mindset, attitudes and style you live. This is DJODIVIN all about and aims to empower you to.

My artistry, fashion couture and scents all play with the attributes and details of my beautiful, serene heritage regions: The Amalfi Coast with it’s blue waters, yellow lemons, blooming cactus figs and colorful houses like out of a Andy Warhol’s pop-art. And the Croatian Adriatic Sea with violet lavender, sweet fig trees and olives and it’s hundreds of islands, swimming like blessed pearls in lonely turquoise waters. Surrounded by an atmosphere of timeless myths.

What`s first? Art exhibitions, beachwear, sundown dresses or perfumes? It is all connected to each other in a fully new holistic approach, where you can become witness, muse and ambassador of.

People often ask me what is more distinctive about me, the artist or designer side. It’s almost impossible for me to separate those two passions that accompany me a life time. Creativity enables us to express our emotions for something we love in so many ways. As little girl, convinced I was a mermaid, I loved and missed the ocean so much that I painted myself diving with the fishes in my first year of school and won a conquest with it. Few years later, my dad needed to buy me one of the newest horribly expensive sewing machines with stretch stich function, because I was obsessed of sewing bikinis my own. So my first fashion design at the age of 13 was a neon pink bikini, so colorful flashing that remembering back, my mom still laughs of how I made the beach shine. Always something new triggered by the same infinite love for the ocean, soon you will experience my first seaside limited boutique fragrances dedicated to Zadar and Amalfi.

Curious to learn more about? An exciting journey of multi-level art couture experiences in exclusive events and pop-up stores awaits you, going live from December 2022.

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Thank you for joining the world of DJODIVIN.