Sabina Scelza, contemporary artist, designer and founder of DJODIVIN, embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean. In our performance- and technology-driven modern times, she inspires to rediscover the mindset of decelerated heritage and easy "dolce vita", thus to "reactivate our own creativity."  

The maritime colors, hand-painted designs and nostalgic scents of DJODIVIN's  beach fashion, perfumes and jewelery invite to explore one’s own inner muse, connected to the universality of myth.

Dive into the world of DJODIVIN Art Couture and "make the artiple experience." DJODIVIN Brand touchpoints radiate from a commentary art series, painted by Sabina herself, transformed to "wearable art pieces", accessories and the iconic lucky charm jevelry. Started in 2023 with art exhibitions and runway/ fashion shows at its' best in Frankfurt, 2024 will host these in exclusive locations across Italy, Croatia, Germany and Dubai.

All DJODIVIN collection pieces are produced in exclusive quantities, manufactured with progressive and sustainable luxurious materials, most delicate to the touch and 100% vegan. They wrap the wearer in carefree waves reminiscent of the ocean, it’s strength and flow. Discover yourself.